Monday, 20 November 2017

How does yoga help the body and mind?

Researchers have found a myriad of health benefits of this ancient practice. And people from a myriad of backgrounds have embraced it as a wonder tool for mind relaxation and healthy body. We are talking about the ancient Indian practice of Yoga which has found takers from all over the world, making it no longer a distinctively Indian practice. The question to be asked, however, is what makes the practice so effective and popular? Let us find out:

4 ways how yoga helps the body

1.Makes the body flexible and strong
Different yoga postures are designed to achieve a distinct impact on different body parts by strengthening the muscles of the respective body part and making it flexible. Therefore, with regular practice you can make your body flexible and strong. In addition, yoga increases blood circulation in the body and releases the feel good hormones, endorphins.

Moreover, studies show that yoga performs better than regular exercise in enhancing strength, balance and flexibility.

2. Reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer

Heart disease sets in because of blocked arteries. Yoga relaxes the blood vessels and increases the blood flow to the heart, thereby minimizing the risk of heart disease.

With respect to diabetes, yoga enhances the digestive fire of practitioners which helps in the digestion of sugar. This keeps the blood sugar level down and minimizes the risk to diabetes and even control it.

Yoga also reduces the risk of cancer by preventing the genetic mutation responsible for the disease, from expressing. In addition, it has also been found to be effective in relieving cancer patients of the energy deficiency and inflammation they face.

3.Improves bone and joint health

Yoga increases the bone density in the vertebrae. In addition, practicing yoga is good for the joints. It helps decrease the risk to joint diseases like arthritis.

Also, spinal disks- the shock absorbers between your vertebrae stay supple because of yoga.

4. Improves longevity
Studies show that regular practice of yoga apparently adds more years to your lifetime. Studies show yoga erases signs of aging.

3 ways how yoga helps the mind

Improves brain function
Studies have found that yoga improves brain function. Two features of brain function - memory and cognitive function have found tremendous improvement with the practice of yoga.

1.Releases stress

Regular practice of yoga has been found release stress by decreasing the stress hormone, cortisol. It is thus, no secret why practitioners report a calming effect of their practice.

2.Decreases anxiety and depression

In addition to mind relaxation, yoga is extremely beneficial in decreasing depression and anxiety. Researchers have found that women going through depression have found some relief with just eight weeks of yoga. Their anxiety levels have dropped. Their depression symptoms have improved and they report overall well-being.

3.Improves self-perception and self-control

A healthy self-perception and self-control are conducive for a happy life and a well-regulated lifestyle. Yoga has been found to improve both - self-perception and self-control.

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