Monday, 29 October 2012

What is Yoga all about..

Yoga is not just about standing on our head or bending in all sorts of contorted positions. It is the uniting of body, mind, and spirit, encouraging a full experience of the intricate relationship between them and how to bring this relationship into balance. Ultimately, yoga is about self-realization, true freedom, where the individual self merges into the universal self.
The effect of yoga develops over a period of time, subtly changing the way we move, think, feel and behave. It helps us recognize our resistances and go beyond them. Without pushing or straining, we breathe and move through a posture, simultaneously watching the mind going beyond its own limitations.
Bringing awareness to our movement allows us to inhabit our body and the postures with greater consciousness and ease. However, without understanding the vast power of the breath, yoga as it is often taught, becomes just an exercise, even if it is a wonderful one.
When we breathe into the posture the body opens, lets go and relaxes. The key to yoga movement is bending the spine backward and forward, as that is where we hold the most tension that causes us stress and a variety of physical problems. But without the breath, which is the core of yoga, then it can become very mechanical.
The breath is the entry point to the body, so watching the flow of the breath brings our attention inward, enabling external distractions to drop away. It focuses our attention and deepens awareness as we do each yoga posture, creating a meditation in action. All we have to do is follow each breath as it enters and leaves, bringing the breath, mind and body together.
All ailments, diseases are manifestations of imbalances in the body. Ailments are the body's way of calling attention for 'more care'. Yoga and yoga postures provide simple and practical solutions to all your daily problems.
Physically, the yoga postures improve the flexibility of the muscles and the joints. They also massage the organs, thus improving their functionality. Yoga heals various chronic illnesses in a natural and simple way and also improves the body’s immunity.

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